Different Types of Door Knobs

Choosing the correct door knob can make a huge difference. The choice is not just between traditional or minimalist door knobs. Putting looks aside, versatile door knobs will be mounted on different doors.

In other words, not only do door knobs change the door's aesthetic, but they affect its functionality as well. Whether you will purchase a door knob with a built-in deadbolt or a non-locking one will determine where you will be able to use it.

Therefore, it is important to know what type of door knobs you need. Should all door knobs match? Looking at it from an aesthetic point: Yes, they should. However, when taking functionality into account, you will need to look into buying the correct door knobs - that might not match.

Let's take a look at what are the different types of door knobs!

Different Types of Door Knobs

What is a Dummy Door Knob?

When it comes to different door knob types, you will find dummy door knobs on the list without a doubt. These are door knobs that, as their name suggests, offer no real function or locks.

These inactive door knobs cannot be turned and they do not feature locking mechanisms. They are mainly used as decorative mock-ups, which help to create a cohesive look throughout a room.

This lockless door knob type is available in two styles:

  • Half dummy door knobs

  • Full (double) dummy door knobs

As dummy door knobs cannot be locked, they offer no privacy. For this reason, they are typically used on pantry or laundry room doors, cabinets, closets, or French doors that do not need to be locked.

Full dummy and half dummy door knobs

What is a Half Dummy Door Knob?

The half-dummy knob is also known as a single dummy door knob. This is basically one door knob that is designed to be mounted on one side of the door. The fixed door knobs are placed on the side where they will be visible. Typically cabinet doors have half dummy door knobs used on them.

What is a Full Dummy Door Knob?

Full or double dummy door knobs are when you place dummy door knob on both sides of the door. These door knobs can be installed in two different ways. Either they are mounted as one unit onto both sides of the door or they are used separately to decorate the two panels of a double door.

What is a Passage Door Knob?

A passage door knob is a single action door knob that operates as one unit, mounted on both sides of the door. While they are non-locking door knobs, they offer closing functions that keep the door closed. By turning the passage knob freely, the door can be easily opened.

Passage knobs are used for doors that don't require privacy. They are designed with a single latch, that opens the door by turning the door knob. You will typically find a passage door knob on interior doors that do not need a lock - a passage door between the hallway and the living room for example.

Passage door knob

What is a Privacy Door Knob?

Interior privacy door knobs are designed to provide what their name suggests - privacy. Privacy door knobs are basically room door knobs with locks, designed for bedrooms, bathrooms, office spaces, and other types of rooms where a locking mechanism is necessary.

The privacy-style door knob features two knobs and a lock. Typically they feature a turn or push button door knob on the inside, which can be used to lock or open the door. This makes them a double lock door knob. On the outside, however, emergency keys can be used to open the door. In this manner, these interior door knobs with locks on both sides can be locked easily.

As keyed privacy locks only have one knob with a keyhole, they should be used on interior doors only. Interior door knobs with key locks do not offer the same security as keyed exterior door knobs.

Privacy door knob

What is the Difference Between Passage and Privacy Door Knobs?

Different door knobs might only differ from each other slightly. This is the case when it comes to passage door knobs and privacy knobs. They are both door knobs for interior doors, but there is one main difference between them. Let's take a look.

Privacy VS Passage Door Knob

While passage and privacy design work similarly, privacy is a lockable door knob. In other words, they are interior door knobs that lock from both sides, while passage ones are non-lockable door knobs.

When shopping for an interior locking door knob with key, the double sided lock door knob is a great choice. Privacy knobs allow you to lock the door from both sides, as long as you have the emergency keys. The inside will feature a door knob with button lock, while the outer knob is a keyed security door knob.

Compared to this, passage door knobs simply provide passage between rooms. This type of interior door knob can be turned, but it does not offer any locking characteristics. They are door knobs for rooms that should not be locked.

What is the Difference Between Passage and Dummy Door Knobs?

Dummy and passage door knobs are similar in the sense that they are both no-lock door knobs. Neither keyless interior door knob style features a locking mechanism, and they are typically not used for rooms requiring privacy.

But, let's take a look at the dissimilarities between them.

Passage VS Dummy Door Knob

How does a door knob work? You turn it to operate the door. However, this is not true for all knobs.

The passage style offers basic door knobs, which need to be turned to open and close the door as mentioned above. Compared to dummy knobs, these are twist door knobs that offer the most essential functions door knobs can provide - keeping a door closed.

On the other hand, the dummy is another no-key door knob, but these are also non-turning door knobs. They do not provide any functions. They simply exist to help open the cabinet or closet door and offer decorative appeal.

You can get single or double-sided door knobs in the dummy design, which can be mounted on the doors in different manners. However, when it comes to the passage turning door knob, two knobs operate as a single unit.

What is a Storeroom Keyed Door Knob?

A storeroom keyed interior door knob is a type of self-lock door knob, but only from the outside. These doorknobs with locks always need a key to be opened from the outside, but open without one from the inside.

These are not simple door knobs. This function helps to keep storage rooms locked, without the possibility of someone accidentally locking themselves into the room. A key is always needed to open it from the outside, and once the pressure is released, the door cannot be opened. Yet, it makes sure the inside knob of this locking door knob is always functional, even without the use of keys.

Storage door knob

What are Key Entry Door Knobs?

These are door knobs with keys. Unlike interior knobs, entry door knobs can be locked using a key on the outside, while the inside features a push-and-turn door knob lock. This doorknob with a lock on both sides is usually mounted on front or entry doors, where secure door knob functions are necessary.

For additional safety, locks for door knobs also come with a deadlatch. This secure door knob locks automatically once it is closed, which makes it perfect for entry doors. However, at times they are also used as interior locking door knobs.

Keyed entry door knob

Entry Door Knob With Push Button Lock

An entry door knob with a push lock offers extra security. This secure door knob requires the buttons to be pushed in the correct manner to unlock the door. It is also available as a door knob with a key lock on both sides.

When it comes to different kinds of door knobs, a push lock door knob mechanism offers the most security. For this reason, they are mainly used for entry doors.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Door Knobs

What to consider when buying door knobs?


As door knobs come with different variations, it is important to know what to get. Here is a short list of things to keep in mind when shopping for door knobs:

  • Consider door thickness, as you will need door hardware that works with what you have

  • Check if you need a bolt or latch with a round-corner or a square-corner configuration

  • Borehole size is also important

  • If you are buying replacement door knobs, make sure they will fit your door

  • The types of door knobs you get need to work for their application

  • For entry doors, research various security door knobs to see what you need

  • Backsets differ as well, ensure that you are buying the right ones


Is There a Door Knob That Locks on Both Sides?

Yes, keyed door knobs have key and locking mechanisms on both sides. Usually, one side can be opened by using a key, while the other has a manual latch or button lock door knob to achieve this. They are mostly used for entry, patio, or garage doors.

What Are Dummy Door Knobs Used For?

You can find a dummy door knob on cabinets, shallow closets, pantry doors, or interior French doors. As they are not turning door knobs, dummy interior door knobs do not feature a locking mechanism. They are simply installed on the surface of the door.

Do Door Knobs Come With Keys?

Some door knobs with locks come with keys. Keyed entry door knobs are typically used for exterior doors. They are sold with keys that can be used to lock and open the door. If the keys are lost, a locksmith will need to help you out.