door knob and door lever

Door levers or knobs are the most simple way to brighten up your interior design. Whether you purchase traditional door handles or go for contemporary interior door handles, they can make or break a room style.

But, what different types of door handles can you actually find on the market?

Let us guide you through the basics today by discussing the evergreen lever vs. knob debate.

An Introduction to Modern Interior Door Handles

The two basic interior door handle styles you can purchase are the door knob and the door lever. Of course, these come in various shapes and sizes: from a circle door knob to a curved, modern door lever style, and everything in between.

When it comes to modern interior door hardware, door handle types are the most visible ones (apart from barn door hardware maybe). Therefore, choosing the correct door handle is crucial. Yet, what you decide on also has to fit your needs, as style is not everything.

Ever since 1878, when the modern door handle was invented by Osboun Dorsey, door knobs have been a prominent part of American households. The round shape of door knobs, especially when they have popular door knob finishes, provides a traditional aesthetic. This makes door knobs perfect for older homes, but choosing trendy door knobs for a modern look is also a good idea.

On the other hand, door levers are considered to be contemporary door handles. Their elongated design provides a modern style, that fits into contemporary or minimalist interior design. Still, thanks to the wide variety of door levers available for purchase, you can find ones that can work in a traditional-style environment.

Door hardware trends come and go, but door handles for interior doors will always be needed. Trends in door hardware don't have to be followed. Finding what works for you and your home best is what you should strive for.

The Door Knob vs Lever Debate

Both door knobs and door levers come with their ups and downs. Not even the best door handles for interior doors will work for all homes. Following this logic, it is important for homeowners to know what to expect from their door handle designs.

Are door knobs or levers better? Honestly, it depends on your needs. But, let's see what levers or knobs for interior doors have to offer.

Door Knobs

Door knobs sport a round handle, that you turn to open the door. It is basically a circle door handle. This round handle allows you to grab and turn the door knob to open the door.

Even a standard door knob can easily change for a room looks. Finding stylish door knobs that fit your esthetic will not be an issue. From basic door knobs to intricately detailed modern interior door knobs, various door knob designs can be easily found.

modern door knob

What are the Different Types of Door Knobs?

When it comes to their function, these are the types of knobs you can find:

  • Dummy door knob handles

  • Passage door knobs

  • Keyed front entry door knobs

  • Privacy knob handles


Door knob styles offer various benefits:

  • Simple door knobs perfectly suitable to match traditional decor

  • Door knob security is top-notch, as they can be childproofed with safety covers making them safe door handles

  • Their maintenance is easier, especially with high quality door knobs

  • A door knob handle can be mounted on either side of the door, no matter if it is left- or right-handed


A basic door knob also comes with disadvantages:

  • These are low-grip handles, that can be hard for children, the elderly, or people with disabilities to operate, but some unique door knob shapes (like egg shaped door knobs) can help with this

  • If the door knob is not set correctly into the door, injuries can occur as your knuckles can get caught in the door frame

  • Not all doors are suitable to have door knobs fitted on them

  • Door knobs with a push button can be dangerous as small children can lock the door accidentally

Door Levers

The other of the two types of interior door handles for homes is the door lever. Lever handles for doors offer a modern twist to your decor. This is a push down door handle, which opens the door when pressure is applied to the lever.

Due to their usually sleek style, door lever hardware became associated with contemporary interior design. Yet, this door handle style has been in use for hundreds of years as well. Yet, you can easily find different door lever handles, types, and styles that can match traditional decor as well.

modern door lever

What are the Different Types of Door Levers?

As with door knob types, you can also find different lever door handles:

  • Privacy interior lever door handles

  • Passage lever style door handles

  • Keyed entrance lever door handle design


Interior door lever handles offer multiple benefits:

  • A lever style door handle is easy to use, offering an easy grip even when your hands are full

  • They provide a modern aesthetic, from the curved door handle to the long door handle alike

  • The best interior door levers can be purchased together with a longer back plate, which accommodates additional functions

  • Door lever types can be fitted into glazed doors as well since they require narrow-depth lock cases


The lever handle door hardware might not work for you because of these issues:

  • Even simple door handle styles might not fit traditional aesthetics

  • Door lever handles have a spring in their mechanism, which wears out with use and needs to be changed

  • Your clothes can easily get caught even the best door levers, which can lead to the materials ripping in the worst-case scenario

  • Children and animals can learn to open levers as they are hard to childproof

Can You Mix Door Knobs and Levers?

Yes, mixing door levers vs knobs on the two sides of the same door is possible. As long as you have the correct hardware, placing a door knob on one side, and a lever on other will not cause issues.

However, when choosing the best interior door handles, you will need to make sure they are a practical fit for your house. Furthermore, matching the inside and outside door hardware, whether they are door knobs or levers, will provide a more coherent decor for your home.

door knobs and levers

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How Much Does It Cost to Install Door Knobs?

Typically changing door hardware, including door knobs or levers, ranges between $50 to $150 per door. However, the cost greatly depends on the complexity of the project. Some traditional and modern interior door handle designs can be more complicated to install, which can drive up costs.

What Is the Difference Between Passage and Privacy Door Knobs?

The difference between passage and privacy door knobs for interior doors is that the privacy style can be locked. A passage door knob is used for general access doors, while a privacy door knob needs a latch and a locking feature.

Do I Need a Right or Left-Handed Door Handle?

To identify whether you need right- or left-handed handles for doors, you need to know which way the door opens. Such door hardware is specific. If the door hinges are located on the right side, you will need a right-handed door lever. But, if the hinges are on the left, a left-handed lever is required.