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Want to create a homey and sustainable aesthetic for your home? Look no further as Discount Hardware Direct also offers the possibility of ordering custom products manufactured from durable wood. From wooden plates and trays to sturdy hardwood garden furniture, find everything you need for your family or company in one place.


Leave plastic behind and upgrade your kitchen with durable wooden serving plates. Made of precious wood, these plates offer both water and temperature resistance. Custom sizes and designs are available at Discount Hardware Direct. Want your logo on it? No problem! We can add any logo onto each plate.

A set of custom wooden plates, available with cup holders, is the perfect way to create a cohesive style for any party. Sustainable wooden places allow you to keep your hand free while making conversation. Solid precious wood is used during manufacturing, which can be formed to any size and design, even custom ones. Not dishwasher safe.

Wooden wall panels instantly improve the interior design of any room. At Discount Hardware Direct you have the option to choose the wood we use. Select a single wood for the entire wall or combine versatile woods to showcase nature’s diversity. From red sapele to light oak, design your own custom wall panel of any size.

Durable outdoor furniture manufactured from solid precious wood can cost a pretty penny, but they will definitely last longer. Discount Hardware Direct presents the option of designing your own custom garden furniture of any size, with added logos or other prints. The items are made without using metal nails and can be treated as both inside and garden furniture.

A truly traditional touch to an aesthetic is in its details. The wooden trays made by Discount Hardware Direct are from solid precious wood, which offers better durability. These items are not dishwasher safe, but they can be kept clean without issues. Need custom sizes and designs or larger quantities? Just contact us!

Wooden signs are a unique way of decorating your home or business. Whether they are used for aesthetics only or for actual function, we provide the best weather-proof sapele wood signs! No matter what you dream up, our designers will bring it to life. Durable, stylish, and useful – find it all at Discount Hardware Direct.

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