Special orders

Last Updated: December 15, 2022


Special orders are non-standard sizes, custom colors, custom mortise services, custom hardware, custom furniture, pre-hung units, custom packing, pre-cut units, or any other customization that needs to be applied. All non-stock programs are special orders.

Hardware, furniture, and doors which go with special orders also should be understood as special order needing the appropriate lead time. The lead time for special orders is individually agreed upon and cannot be expedited. 

Discount Hardware does not refund or accept the return of any special orders. Special orders are always required to be paid fully in advance. Special orders could be changed or cancelled only within the first 24 (twenty four) hours after the order is placed.

Discount Hardware is not responsible for production delays or other unforeseen circumstances that delay delivery of any special orders. We will provide an estimated lead time that is required, however we cannot guarantee it.

Customers will be asked to sign a form of acknowledgement of our special order policies, invoices (with drawings if needed), and that they have reviewed the order for accuracy.

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