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Use of this Website, www.discounthardware.com and the purchase of the goods and services offered on this Website or any purchase from Discount Hardware Direct LLC are governed by the terms and conditions, stated in this agreement. This Agreement constitutes a legal contract between you, the Buyer, and Discount Hardware Direct LLC, the Seller, the Parties when mentioned together, according to applicable law by placing Order(s) for the Goods (Products) and Services on the Website. The Buyer agrees to be bounded by the Terms and Conditions contained in this Agreement, which coordinate any subsequent cooperation between the Parties with final transfer of the Goods to the Customer (Third Party).


Payment is received in full amount by Discount Hardware Direct LLC by credit card, personal check, wire transfer, or online payment prior to acceptance of the Order and the duty to fulfill it. If Discount Hardware Direct LLC agrees to the payment terms other than the foregoing including purchases on credit, the Buyer receives an invoice for the amount of the Order. Payment can be done immediately upon the Buyer's receipt of the invoice. If the payment is not done in time limit in accordance with this Agreement, the Buyer's accounts will be charged of 2.5% monthly for the credit balance, or the maximum amount allowable by law for every 30 (thirty) calendar days that the account contains balance payment.

Discount Hardware Direct LLC retains the right to cancel any order that is placed for any item or items that the price appearing on the Website is inaccurate in any respect, including prices resulting from typographical or other errors; in such cases Discount Hardware Direct LLC provides the Buyer the right to purchase the item or items at the correct price, or to receive a full refund, whichever the Buyer requests. The Buyer agrees that Discount Hardware Direct LLC accepts partial payment for the order and Discount Hardware Direct LLC demands the balance payment in due time for the rest of the order. Discount Hardware Direct LLC reserves all rights and remedies for nonpayment, breach, or default hereunder.


The Buyer is aware that the Seller is not responsible for the taxes or charges the government may impose on the Goods upon the sale or transfer. Prices on this website can be changed at any time without any notice. But at the same time, as the Seller, being the first distributor and producer, has the aim to sell goods only to professional customers, dealers, builders/contractors, marketplaces etc., undertakes to report its Buyers 30 (thirty) days prior the price changes. The Seller declares the MAP pricing is very important for providing equal opportunities for all Buyers and undertakes the duty to regulate the MAP pricing on the market for the Goods of Discount Hardware Direct LLC.


Any Lead Times provided by Discount Hardware Direct LLC are estimated using the best information available at the time of receiving the Order. Discount Hardware Direct LLC accepts the orders with understanding that the standard lead time is starting from 2 (two) business days to 2 (two) weeks: normally it depends on the whole quantity of the order and additional services added. However, any Lead Time provided to the Buyer is merely estimated and is subject to change due to various circumstances. The Buyer expressly states that they will not rely on the Lead Time proved by Discount Hardware Direct LLC in any way. The Buyer should not schedule any installation or trades until the Buyer receives the ordered products. In case of a shipping delay for over four (4) weeks from the announced Lead Time, the Buyer has the option to cancel the Order within twenty-four (24) hours of their receipt of the notice of a delay from Discount Hardware Direct LLC stating the new lead time. The Buyer's option to cancel the order is not applicable to custom/special orders if production has already commenced.


Please NOTE, that any kind of change in the invoice results in changes to the shipping cost, as it influences dimensions, weight, and freight class! A freight company representative may contact the Buyer prior to the shipment to schedule a convenient date for delivery. Discount Hardware Direct LLC provides the Buyer all necessary delivery information to prepare for the delivery, including: full carrier information, contact numbers, and tracking numbers. It is the Buyer's responsibility to work with the delivery center servicing the Buyer's area to schedule an appointment on the expected date of the delivery. 

The Buyer is responsible for providing a commercial address with a receiving deck, or hiring a professional to unload the shipment with a forklift for larger orders. If the Buyer misses an appointment, a re-delivery fee that could be assessed by the freight company is exclusively the Buyer's responsibility. If the Buyer is unable to accept the delivery of the products within two (2) calendar days after the shipment arrival to the service center, the carrier has the right to assess monetary charges for storage fees, for which the Buyer is exclusively responsible. If the delivery address is inaccessible or invalid, the Buyer agrees to pay the order amount and the additional delivery charges. Discount Hardware Direct LLC strongly advises against the pick-up of the orders from the freight company's terminal or any location other than the delivery address and Discount Hardware Direct LLC is not liable for any damage arising from the Buyer's decision to do so. 

At the point of the delivery, Discount Hardware Direct LLC pays all standard shipping costs, and therefore the Buyer is not required to pay anything to the shipper at the time of delivery. Any payments, if made by the Buyer to the carrier or its representatives directly for any additional services, are at the Buyer's sole discretion and cost, and Discount Hardware Direct LLC is not liable for this. 

Any estimated delivery dates given to the Buyer are estimates only and the actual delivery date may vary for a variety of reasons. The Buyer expressly understands that no claims are accepted based on announced delivery date and the Buyer accepts all losses at their own expenses. Discount Hardware Direct LLC is not liable for delay in delivery or default on obligations due to any cause beyond Discount Hardware Direct LLC reasonable control, including, but not limited to, governmental action, strikes or other troubles, fire, damage or destruction of the Goods, wars (declared or undeclared), acts of terrorism, manufacturers' shortages, availability of transport, materials, fuels, or supplies, and acts of God (each a “Force Majeure Event”). Upon the occurrence of a Force Majeure Event: (a) the time for Discount Hardware Direct LLC performance is extended reasonably and the Parties adjust all affected dates accordingly; (b) the purchase price is adjusted for any increased costs by Discount Hardware Direct LLC resulting a Force Majeure Event; and (c) the Buyer is not entitled to any other remedies.


All doors, including “pre-hung” units could be shipped fully or partially knocked down with further requirement of assembly prior to the installation.


Please, be aware! We recommend the Buyer to have basic hand tools at the delivery (e.g., knife, hammer, cutting pliers, etc.) to open the crates for inspection without destroying packing materials, as well as a camera or smartphone in order to take pictures of the shipment. For larger orders, it is recommended the Buyer to open the crates in the truck and unload the doors individually (driver’s permission may be required); or alternatively, change the receiving address to a commercial address with a receiving deck. 

The Buyer is entitled to inspect the shipment before the acceptance, and failure to do so absolves the carrier from liability for concealed damage. If the delivery driver refuses the inspection, the Buyer should note on the delivery receipt the following: “SHIPMENT REFUSED. DRIVER HAS NOT ALLOWED ME TO EXAMINE THE FREIGHT” or “GOODS EXAMINATION HAS NOT BEEN DONE BECAUSE OF DRIVER'S UNPERMISSION. THE GOODS COULD HAVE CONCEALED DAMAGES”. 

All visible damage should be noted on the bill of lading or the shipping label, however, it is also very important to open all received boxes and to inspect the products for any concealed damage at the time of delivery. If the driver does not allow the Buyer to inspect the freight, this should be noted on the bill of lading. 

Discount Hardware Direct LLC is not responsible for any additional shipping fees other than the standard shipping fee. Discount Hardware Direct LLC assumes no responsibility for damage to the product, or personal injury, arising while unloading or unpacking the shipments. We recommend the Buyer not to sign the proof of delivery until inspecting the freight. In case of the damage or return, the Buyer can use the same packaging, making sure that the package is in an appropriate condition. 

If the damage is visible, the Buyer needs to take pictures of the damage and make notes on the delivery receipt. The Buyer does not sign and accept the deliveries that are “subject to inspection”. PLEASE NOTE, if the Buyer accepts the Goods, which afterwards appear to have concealed damages and at the same time the Buyer has not made notices mentioned above, Discount Hardware Direct LLC is not liable for caused damage to the Goods. Failure to comply with these rules disqualifies the Buyers from the merchandise replacement. 

The Buyer agrees to the risk of destruction or damage of the Goods passed to the Buyer at the time of their acceptance at Discount Hardware Direct LLC warehouse in case of pickup, and at the time of acceptance of the Goods at the Buyer's address in case of delivery by a third-party carrier or in case of delivery of the Goods by Discount Hardware Direct LLC. 

Discount Hardware Direct LLC confirms that during the transportation of the Goods by a third-party carrier, the Goods are well packaged and insured, and if damage is found by the Buyer upon the delivery to the Buyer's address, the Buyer follows the instructions of this Terms and Conditions. All damage is reported to the Seller within 3 (three) calendar days from the delivery date if third- party carrier or Discount Hardware Direct LLC delivery are involved or at the time of acceptance of the Goods, if this take place through pickup from the warehouse of Discount Hardware Direct LLC.

If the Goods are turned out to be defective through the fault of Discount Hardware Direct LLC after the proper acceptance of the Goods from the carrier delivery or Discount Hardware Direct LLC pickup, the Buyer has the right on full compensation for the cost of the Goods and the cost of the delivery, if any, or to replace the Goods by a quality product within a reasonable time, which is negotiated between Discount Hardware Direct LLC and the Buyer for each individual case.

All damage is reported to the Purchaser within 3 (three) calendar days from the shipment/delivery date.


If any parts are missing, the Buyer agrees to accept the delivery, to make a note on the Bill of Lading or Shipping Label as "Missed" or "Partially missed", and to notify Discount Hardware Direct LLC about this within 3 (three) calendar days from the date of receiving the delivery. Discount Hardware Direct LLC provides the missing parts to complete the order within a reasonable time after receiving the notice of missing parts. Discount Hardware Direct LLC is not responsible for providing replacement or missing parts if not timely notified about this.



Product insurance is handled by the shipping company, which is delivering the Goods in a perfect condition. The Products, where applicable, could be returned within the 45 days after receiving the shipment in case the product is in a sellable condition and with the original packaging. 

A twenty percent (20%) fee is charged to any returned Goods. The Buyer holds the responsibility to pay all shipping charges for returning the Goods. The shipping costs are not refundable. All refunds are processed ONLY upon the receiving of the return Goods to the warehouse and after the warehouse inspection. Only non-damaged Products are accepted for the return. Installed or already assembled Products are considered “received” Goods and cannot be returned. 

Any defects in the Product are presented to Discount Hardware Direct LLC attention prior to any alteration of defective Product: staining, painting, cutting, installing, or any other alteration of the Product by the Buyer voids any cancellation, refund, warranty, and/or other accommodations to which the Buyer is otherwise entitled. 

Discount Hardware Direct LLC is a producer and distributor of the Products, and the aim of the company and this website is to attract, to develop mutual business relations, to support in sales, etc. the new dealers and professional customers, and not to use retail distribution channel. So the Buyer understands and acts according to an idea that all issues between the Buyer and its end customer (the Third Party) should be resolved in the manner of direct cooperation between them without involving Discount Hardware Direct LLC, which has only relations with the Buyer and impacts both Parties direct relations only.


The Buyer fills out a Claim Form, which is located at Claim page or provided by the representative of Discount Hardware Direct LLC in order to obtain a resolution as outlined in the previous paragraph. Reports about any defects, damage, missing items, and/or incorrect items are not accepted by any other means (i.e., email, telephone, etc.).


If any Order is preceded by, accompanied by, or followed by a Purchase Order or other similar document provided by the Buyer, the Parties agree that the Terms and Conditions set forth in this Agreement prevail over any terms contained in such Purchase Order as they conflict with the terms of this Agreement.


The Buyer agrees that the intellectual property existing on this Website, and associated with any Products offered on this Website, is the exclusive property of Discount Hardware Direct LLC and/or its manufacturers, and the Buyer agrees that he does not use the intellectual property for economic gain or benefit, or in any fashion not stipulated under this Agreement.


Any warranties for the Goods purchased from Discount Hardware Direct LLC are provided by the manufacturer. Discount Hardware Direct LLC, hereby, expressly disclaims all warranties, either expressed or implied, including but not limited to, on merchantability or fitness to a particular purpose and neither assumes nor authorizes any other person to assume for any liability in connection with the sales of the Goods.


If the Buyer decides to pick up the Order themselves, they are allowed to do so. The address for pickups is 6855 Presidents Drive, Suite 200, Orlando, FL, 32809. All Orders are to be picked up within 7 days after notification. Otherwise, a storage fee of 50$ per day is applied. 

Please note that the Buyer has to inform Discount Hardware Direct LLC about the pick-up 24 hours prior to it. The time of prior notification is reasonably estimated by the Buyer taking into the account that Discount Hardware Direct LLC is not a retail company and prior scheduling is important.


The order is cancelled only with the Seller's approval in a writing form, signed by the Seller. Changes to the order are only made within 24 hours after signing the document without any fees, unless the items are shipped. The Seller is able to impose measures, which require the compensation to the Seller to prevent any loss. As soon as the Order is delivered to a carrier, the Seller only accepts the cancellations with a cancellation fee of twenty percent (20%) of the Order price. Shipping costs are not refundable if the Goods are shipped. 

THE SELLER WILL NOT ACCEPT CANCELLATIONS OF SPECIAL ORDERS. Shop items and special orders cannot be canceled once the manufacturing process has begun. All cancellations and changes to orders are subject to production and/or material charges, which occur prior to the submission of the cancellation or change request. While Discount Hardware Direct LLC takes every effort to honor cancellation and change requests, an Order is considered firm when it is placed, and the Buyer is liable for the full price of the Orders. Changes and cancellations are done, if required, only with the help of the sales representatives or department managers as many branches are involved.


The Buyer understands that the government may impose additional taxes or charges upon the sale or transfer of the Products. These taxes and all applicable freight costs are included in the invoice total amount. As this Website and Discount Hardware Direct LLC do not belong to the retail branch of sales the Buyer provides Resale Certificate to be able to do further resale of Discount Hardware Direct LLC products without additional tax charges in accordance with the State and Country laws.


Discount Hardware Direct LLC provides a 2 (two) Years limited warranty for all Products and Services offered on this Website. By purchasing through this Website the Buyer confirms that he is acquainted with the warranty terms. Discount Hardware Direct LLC reserves the right to accept or refuse the Buyer's claims. 

Note: in order to qualify for the warranty, the items are installed or Assembled by licensed professional personnel (or a professional company) with proper equipment. Installing the door without appropriate equipment and skill can lead to injuries. 

All warranty claims are to be filed according to the instructions on the warranty page. Please see the whole WARRANTY terms here.

The Customer must make written notice of obvious defects without delay after delivery and hidden defects without delay after their discovery. We are entitled to rectify defects according to our choice by means of subsequent improvement or replacement delivery. Should the rectification of the defect fail within a reasonable grace period of at least two weeks to be set by the Customer in writing, the Customer is entitled to demand, according to their choice, reduction in the purchase price or rescission of the Contract.

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