Door Hinges to Improve Your Doors

Are you ready for your next project? How about upgrading the hinges on your interior doors and kitchen cabinets?

Nothing is simpler thanks to the variety of different style door hinges available at Discount Hardware Direct. Durability, functionality, and style are combined to create the best replacement door hinges sold on the market.

Types of Door Hinges at Discount Hardware Direct

Door hinges come in all shapes and sizes. However, this also means that they offer somewhat diverse functions as well. Not all of them are equal. So, what types of door hinges can you find on our website?

Discount Hardware Direct is proud to present the various types of cabinet hinges and interior door hinges hardware we offer on our website:

  • Standard Butterfly Hinger

  • Mortise Hinges

  • 3D Invisible Concealed Hinges

three door hinges

Standard Butterfly Hinges

Standard Butterfly hinge sets are usually offered more for decoration than durability. This hinge type is usually used on furniture, as they are an easy way to freshen up the aesthetic of cabinets. They are widely used for bedrooms where an attractive look and feel is essential.

Whenever you decide to sacrifice some durability for style You can find a diverse collection of butterfly cabinet hinges for sale. Since they do not offer durability for heavy doors, they can be sold at reasonable, budget-friendly prices.

Mortise Hinges

Mortise hinges are a durable door hardware type that can be applied to both exterior and interior doors. They provide extra durability, as the hinge sits in the door's surface. While this makes installation more complicated, it also significantly increases the hinge's durability.

These are also invisible hinges for doors, as the mortise design makes only the pin shaft visible when the door is closed. They are up to 6 inches in length, making them versatile for different door types.

These are perfect heavy duty interior door hinges, up to 130 lbs. Thanks to their UL certification, our mortise hinges can be used for residential and commercial applications, as they are fire-resistant for up to 30 minutes.

3D Invisible Concealed Hinges

This type is an inside door hinge that is usually used on furniture doors. They are also called European or hidden hinges, as they are not visible on the outside. However, thanks to their 3D construction and movement, they can offer versatile applications.

Such invisible door hinge sets provide freestyle rotation patterns, which can open the door in a narrow radius. Most concealed hinges are adjustable, even after installation. Some of these special hinges for doors also come with damping and self-closing systems.

They are perfect for heavy doors, as they can handle up to 135 lbs. For a sleek appearance, our 3D hinges are manufactured from zinc alloy materials. A full set with matching screws, hinge caps, and hex keys are available.

How to Shop for Door Hinges at Discount Hardware Direct?

Thanks to the different hinges you can find for interior doors and cabinets at Discount Hardware Direct, you are sure to find the perfect fit for your needs.

Select the door hinge design you like. All you need to do is decide the style and color or finish you want and add the item to your cart. On our website you can find multiple door hardware options available for sale. Choose your favorite one today!

Elevate Your Home with Discount Hardware Direct's Door Hinges

When searching for new door hardware hinges, do not sacrifice style for functionality. Thankfully, door hinge hardware is versatile. You can choose from a variety of door hinge colors, styles, and sizes that will fit your door and needs perfectly.

Discount Hardware Direct is the door hinge supplier for you!

If you know which way your door opens and closes, you can shop for high-quality door hinges and hardware. Combine functionality with the style of your dreams and choose from the numerous interior hinges available on our website.