Interior Doors and How They Redefine Your Home

Quality interior doors come in all shapes and sizes. But, that is not all. There are different styles of interior doors you can also choose from, along with various handing solutions.

Some are strict, some are not, and without knowing the specifics purchasing pre-made doors is not a great idea. Still, you have come to the right place.

Let Discount Hardware Direct be your interior door styles guide as we try to explain everything from basic interior doors to more modern ones.

Types of Interior Doors at Discount Hardware Direct

First, let's go through the different style interior doors available at Discount Hardware Direct at a full set:

  • Single or double swing interior doors

  • Single or double pocket door

  • Single or double barn door

  • Modern bi fold door

  • Bypass door sets

When purchasing interior doors online, you don't have to worry. All above mentioned are prefinished interior door applications for residential and commercial use.

Additionally, we offer prefinished door slabs as well, which can be used for different applications. These door slabs are sold without any configuration.

Different Types of Interior Doors by Handing

True or false: you can mount an interior door any way you want!

Unfortunately, this is false! The location of door hinges and knobs, as well as which way the door opens, will determine how pre finished doors are hung up.

Interior door handing is the manner which the door swings open and which side the door handle will be on. It is crucial to know this as purchasing the correct door hardware relies on this knowledge. You won't be able to mount a door with incorrect hardware, as the locking mechanism and strike plate determine what type of door handing you need.

Single Swing Doors

Single swing doors need to be installed in a specific manner, as door swing direction determines which way the door opens and which side the hinges go on. When it comes to simple interior doors, you have left and right hand, and left and right-hand reverse handing types available.

Right and Left-Hand Interior Doors

Let's talk about the first two versions: right and left-handed interior door applications. These types of doors need to be pushed open if we are entering from the interior door's keyed side.

When the door needs the hinges mounted on the left side of the door (looking from the keyed side or outside) and the door pushes open, then it is a Left Hand or LH swing door. However, if the hinges are on the right or the push door, you are looking at a Right hand or RH swinging door.

Right and Left-Hand Reverse Doors

The other door handing type set for single swinging doors is when the doors are pulled open when opening them from the keyed side. The difference in the door's movement changes the position of the hinges compared to the regular right and left-hand handing.

With the reverse handing, if the finished interior doors' hinges are on the left side, and the door swings open toward it's keyed side, it is a Right Hand Reverse or RHR door swing. But, if the hinges are on the left when the door swings open, we are talking about Left Hand Reverse or LHR swinging interior doors.

Double Swing Doors

Wide interior doors, or rather double swing door applications, have an extra catch when determining door handing. Yes, you still need to look at the keyed side, but which of the two doors will you open?

New interior doors of this kind usually have one side that is active - that is used, and one side that is bolted shut. These are called the active and inactive leaves.

The active leaf side of the door panel has the lock door hardware on it and it is mostly used to pass through the door. On the other hand, the inactive leaf has a strike plate and it is mostly locked in place, as its flush bolts help lock the door by bolting it to the door frame or floor. Bolting the inactive door prevents the double door from moving when it is locked.

Following this logic, the door handing needs to be determined by the active leaf and how it is opened. As a result, the interior double swing doors' handing functions in the same manner as the single does. Yet, the Right Hand Reverse Active (active indicating the double door) application is the most common one.

Different Interior Door Styles and Openings

You can find the best interior doors at Discount Hardware Direct, which are offered in modern and luxury styles, without disregarding traditional interior doors. Additionally, we also sell standard interior door styles available on the market.

Inside doors for houses come in different styles. These are the interior doors for home applications you can find on the market:

  • Swing or passage doors that swing open on a hinge

  • Bypass door interior fitment that is mounted on a slider that allows door slabs to pass behind one another

  • Pocket doors that slide into the wall, where a "door pocket" is created

  • Barn doors that slide to the side thanks to the top slider they are fitted to

  • Bifold door models that fold when they are opened

It is needless to say that different inside door applications offer various pros and cons. Which room door you are looking for will determine the options available that will actually function well.

Single and Double Pocket Doors

Interior pocket doors use special hardware to slide into the wall to create a passage. Installing a pocket door offers great a space-saving method, as the door slab tucks away into the wall. The only problem with this wide interior door type is that installation can be a bit complicated.

Unless you are installing replacement interior doors, it is possible that demolition will be required. In order for these doors for home interior to function properly, there can be no obstacles inside the wall. This includes framing studs as well.

To ensure this new interior door's safe operation, it needs low-profile pulls and latches. It is important to get the correct size pocket door hardware that fits in the space of the door and the door frame's width as well.

Pocket doors make the bedroom door styles interior more aesthetic. It can also lighten up the house as living room door. Still, their most common application is as bathroom, closet, utility room, or office doors.

Single and Double Barn Doors

The barn door style has become extremely popular for residential interior door applications. Barn-style interior doors need special hardware that allows the solid slab door to slide to the side. This hardware is mounted above the door and it extends beyond the door with - to ensure the barn interior door opens fully.

They are often used as interior doors for bedrooms, dining rooms, and living rooms, as they provide an aesthetic appeal superior to plain bedroom door styles. They also minimize the floor space necessary (even the double bedroom door design), as they don't swing open like passage interior doors.

Keep in mind that the term "barn door" refers to the slab door and the hardware as well. The stylish appeal of such nice interior doors uplifts any room, as they are usually manufactured with Z-bace-styled doors, but traditional hinged door slabs can also be installed in this manner.

Modern Bi Fold Doors

Bifold door sizes are smaller compared to other new interior door models. This is due to the style of function a double bifold door uses. Such interior house doors are basically two narrow door panels hinged together in the middle.

The bifold double door functions by folding onto itself when it is slid on a top or bottom track. They are well-liked due to the minimal space they take up compared to passage interior home doors.

A bifold door can use two- or four-door panels, depending on the width of the entryway. When it comes to residential interior doors, the bifold style is usually applied to closets, laundry rooms, and other utility spaces. However, the bi fold bedroom door esthetic is also fashionable.

Sliding Bypass Doors

Let's talk about slightly different inside house doors. Maybe the best interior door applications for bedroom or bathroom closets are bypass doors. These models include two or more panels. They are situated on individual tracks that allow the wood slab door to stack up behind one another, bypassing each other.

As it is not like an interior swing door, it does not swing open. For this reason, they are used in spaces where there is not a lot floor space available.

Wood Door Slab

To save some on project costs, ordering a slab from a door supplier might be the best choice. A slab door is a solid door, which you can customize and fit into your passageway.

You can purchase a hollow or solid core door slab, which is shipped to entry door suppliers unfinished. They are sold separately, and all hardware will need to be purchased separately usually. Additionally, these are not interior prehung doors, which are prefinished with all hardware added to them.

With a solid wood door slab, the door has to be trimmed to set the strike plate and the hinges accurately. Be sure to measure the passageway for door thickness to ensure the door slab is the correct size.

Solid Core Wood Door Construction

The door interior type also plays a huge role, as solid core doors are stronger than their hollow core counterparts. A solid core interior door features an outer shell over a solid (wood or wood composite) interior.

A solid wood core door is perfect for commercial and residential applications. These interior door types offer better durability and fire resistance. The best solid core interior doors are expensive, especially when looking at natural wood interior doors. This makes them high end interior doors.

Tailor Your Interior Doors Specially for Your Home

Premium interior doors are the perfect way to brighten up the style of your home. The best place to buy interior doors will offer you customizing options. Discount Hardware Direct provides just that: the option to mold your interior door to your liking.

Choose from a Variety of Colors

Apart from our different wood door types and styles that are sold as prefinished interior doors, you can also choose from multiple stylish color options. Get your new bedroom doors in white, different off-white, and diverse darker colors as well. Select the color that finds your home's interior the best!

All Possible Interior Door Sizes and Configurations

Whether you need double swing closet doors or a solid wood bifold door, we have you covered. Discover home interior doors in all possible configurations and sizes that are sold on the market. You can find all standard door sizes available on Discount Hardware Direct, but we also offer customizing options.

Skip the Tedious Work with Prefinished Solid Core Wood Doors

Ready made doors can greatly reduce the number of working hours per project. Let interior door manufacturers do the work for you and purchase pre finished interior doors. Customizing an interior door can be a tedious and long job. To minimize the work you need to do, at Discount Hardware Direct you can purchase prefinished interior wood doors at your convenience.

How to Shop for Interior Doors at Discount Hardware Direct?

The key to purchasing the perfect high quality interior doors is to know the measurements. The exact passageway and door sizes are necessary to get the correct interior door.

However, that does not mean you need to sacrifice style and function. Find the elements that will highlight the aesthetic of your interior design. Whether you need bifold interior doors for bathroom and laundry rooms, or nice bedroom doors, you can easily find what best suits your home.

This is How Interior Doors Add Value and Character to Your Home

When interior residential doors do not match the home's design, they can be an eyesore. In order to create a cohesive aesthetic, even the internal doors need to match. Matching the door color and function (which door type it is) to the rest of the room is a sure way to create the style you are going for.

For example, a black barn door would not match a traditionally styled kitchen. Purchasing a door that fits the color scheme and esthetic you are going for will bring your interior design together.