Will a lockset and a handle fit my door?

Discount Hardware Direct locks and handles fit into a standard American style tubular door prep. If you are replacing existing locks then your door preps will most likely be correct for Discount Hardware Direct locks and handles. Just determine the backset and you're ready to order. If you're installing locks in new doors that do not have a door prep please be aware that lock sets have varying requirements for hole location depending on the type of lock and design chosen. For this reason it is best to choose your lock and give it to the door prep person to assure holes are bored in the proper location.

PASSAGE, PRIVACY, KEYED KNOBS OR LEVER, AND DEADBOLT LOCKS fit into the door prep shown below. Bore a 2-1/8" hole through the door. The center of this hole should be located 2-3/8"or 2-3/4" back from the edge of the door (this is the backset dimension).


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